How to update tool offsets from the program on a Siemens 840d

One of the things I like best about the Siemens controller for our Mori/DMG DMU50 (with Siemens 840D controller) is the ability to use some functions of the machine using a higher-level language (which I believe Siemens calls Structured Control Language – someone correct me!). The 840 controller makes most of the information you could … Read more

How to automate Tool Setting using a Laser Tool Setter

Introduction Hello friends! Today I am demonstrating some programs that automated tool setup forĀ ourĀ machine that is equipped with the Siemens controller and a Blum-Novotest laser presetter. These programs have been tested on the 840d and should be compatible with the other 800 series controllers (802, 808, 810, 828, 840). Application focus: Siemens 840d The procedure … Read more