How to update tool offsets from the program on a Siemens 840d

One of the things I like best about the Siemens controller for our Mori/DMG DMU50 (with Siemens 840D controller) is the ability to use some functions of the machine using a higher-level language (which I believe Siemens calls Structured Control Language – someone correct me!). The 840 controller makes most of the information you could … Read more

G-code syntax highlighting in Sublime Text 3

I’m a big fan of Sublime Text. It’s my favorite editor for programming. And lately I’ve had to do quite a bit of analysis on G-code during the development of post processors for our new machining centers. There are text editors created with the purpose of editing G code but those softwares are usually old, … Read more

A macro for engraving sequential serial numbers

Intro We recently had some challenges with a customer who wanted permanent serial numbers added to an assembly. That’s a great idea, but, wait: how the heck were we supposed to do that?! On some controls, such as Haas, they have macros which support serialization built-in. That’s great.┬áBut if you are running a control without … Read more