How to update tool offsets from the program on a Siemens 840d

One of the things I like best about the Siemens controller for our Mori/DMG DMU50 (with Siemens 840D controller) is the ability to use some functions of the machine using a higher-level language (which I believe Siemens calls Structured Control Language – someone correct me!). The 840 controller makes most of the information you could … Read more

How GM Electronic Fuel Injection Works

This article was originally published by John Wilson at Unfortunately, the website is no longer active and it’s owner does not seem to be either. You can find John’s manuals on building and tuning a GM TBI system from parts on this website: “How to build a GM EFI System” “How to tune a … Read more

G-code syntax highlighting in Sublime Text 3

I’m a big fan of Sublime Text. It’s my favorite editor for programming. And lately I’ve had to do quite a bit of analysis on G-code during the development of post processors for our new machining centers. There are text editors created with the purpose of editing G code but those softwares are usually old, … Read more

Tool Wear: Here is what a tap looks like after 863 holes

It can be hard to understand how your tools are wearing until you’ve been staring at them for years. Here is a Balax roll tap after 863 holes in 1018 steel. Tapped on a Citizen screw machine using mineral based cutting oil. Cut parameters: Top speed 1600 rpm (3000 .345″ depth  

How to use VBA to dump data into an empty Excel Workbook

Hello friends, From time to time I find myself in a situation where I want to copy data from a VBA enabled application into Excel. In this particular case, I needed to export the Operation list from an Esprit CAM program into a blank workbook. Press Alt+F11 to open the VBA editor. First, add a … Read more

A macro for engraving sequential serial numbers

Intro We recently had some challenges with a customer who wanted permanent serial numbers added to an assembly. That’s a great idea, but, wait: how the heck were we supposed to do that?! On some controls, such as Haas, they have macros which support serialization built-in. That’s great. But if you are running a control without … Read more

How to automate Tool Setting using a Laser Tool Setter

Introduction Hello friends! Today I am demonstrating some programs that automated tool setup for our machine that is equipped with the Siemens controller and a Blum-Novotest laser presetter. These programs have been tested on the 840d and should be compatible with the other 800 series controllers (802, 808, 810, 828, 840). Application focus: Siemens 840d The procedure … Read more

Getting started with the WiFly RN-XV as an HTTP Client

Introduction Recently, I started a project which requires wireless data transmission. I am reading output from a Digital Caliper using an Arduino and transmitting the data to a server for storage and tracking. Because I wanted 802.11 compatibility I chose the Roving Network’s WiFly module, specifically the WiFly RN-XV (Datasheet) which I purchased from SparkFun. … Read more